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The true measure of being green is deceptively simple: Efficiency.  But many of the efforts made to create a green society inadvertently drive their own forms of waste.  For example, although green energy (like solar and wind) provide an ever growing portion of our electrical needs, there still needs to be some deterministic on-demand power generation to keep the system stable.

As more governments are reducing their traditional generation capacity or subcontracting to other municipalities at some distance away (as though pollution created on the other size of a political line on a map does not count), this creates new waste in power line loss and increased reliance on expensive on-demand.  Although roof based solar and other localized green generation are providing a growing amount of our power requirements, for the times when those methods do not meet demand there is little choice but costly on-demand generation.

But if going green should result in higher efficiency, and if being efficient should result in a net savings of resources or money, there should be an obvious and measurable benefit to an organized effort to being efficient.

OhmConnect - How Does It Work?

OhmConnect is an organization that helps organize utility users to reduce load demands at times that would be the most expensive for the utility.  Per their website, "We work with SDG&E, PG&E and SCE, who pay us to reduce energy during times when energy is in high demand. This is cheaper and more efficient than turning on another power plant to generate more energy."

Their free service notifies utility customers when they can help to reduce utility demand, or can even automate the process by adjusting thermostats, lights, or other networked power devices.  Not only does the participant save costs on their own electric bill, "[We] are able to reward our hundreds of thousands of users with cash payments and the chance to win prizes."

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The award changes periodically, but could be free energy efficiency hardware (like a Google Nest thermostat) or an Amazon gift card.
If you live in California, it is a no-risk opportunity to get rewarded for being efficient, and to score some low cost (or even no cost) hardware to help you do it! 

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