Solar Roof

Taking this home from the past
to the cutting edge of the future!

For years, we have been following the news regarding Tesla Energy's Solar Roof development.  This next logical step to solar energy combines the roof material with the panels themselves which provides a more aesthetic and durable option than traditional roofing plus panels.

What made the Tesla Solar Roof a no-brainer for our home is its low installation weight (around 3lb/sq) and top rated durability.

  • Being an original shake roof with skip sheeting, the cost of a restructure to support a heavier tile material was excessive.
  • Low weight roofing materials (steel tile, in particular) are surprisingly expensive.
  • Lightweight cement tiles are notoriously brittle leading to frequent repairs.
  • For our Home Owners Association, some materials (like flat shingles) are not aesthetically acceptable.
  • The addition of an solar system on top of a roof presents additional structural risks and may also increase homeowner's insurance liability.

Considering everything above, the Solar Roof was a comparable cost with a much more durable and aesthetically uniform product!

We signed up for this upgrade as soon as the public release version became available.  Here you can see the drastic transformation of our home from 50 year old shake to the latest home roofing and power generation technology!

Tesla Energy

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