Honing knowledge to the finest point.

The mission of WhetScience is to develop new and relevant falsifiable theories that withstand empirical scrutiny in pursuit and dissemination of accurate scientific and technical knowledge. Broad or complex concepts are whittled down to their smallest relevant parts, and “Gedankenexperimente” provide accessible inferences. All sincere evidence-based challenges or interest in collaboration are welcome!

From Crumb To Cosmos

We start with the smallest known structures in the universe to provide conclusive answers to some of our biggest questions.
The Particulars Of The Fundamentals

Understanding the universe starts with its smallest parts.

Hadrons: Taking Up Space

Full of nothing yet nearly impenetrable.

Time Dilation

The cornerstone of relativity.
The brake pedal of quantum mechanics.

The Phenomenon of Gravity

The facts behind the fictional force that brings everything together. 

WS Exclusive Theories

Unique concepts using evidence based deduction.
Essay on Gravity
On the Significance of Gravity Wave Propagation in a Finite Time Universe
Dilation Flooding
A gravity wave based answer to cosmic redshift.
Math Support
of Dilation Flooding Effect.
The only verifiable cause of observed cosmic redshift.
MORE Math Support
of Dilation Flooding Effect.
It makes the Hubble constant constant!
The Celerity Boson
A Hypothesis for a Speed Limiting Gauge Boson.
Claude on Dilation Flooding
The description Chat Bots prefer.
Density of the Universe
The Theory. The Process. The Equations. The Answer.

Beyond WS

Cutting into edgy topics, and applying physics to the fun and the philosophical.
All things being positive
or “De-Relativizing The Absolutes Of Reality.”
The Self-Defeating Human Nature
Why Mankind Will Never Sociologically Evolve.  We discuss the lack of evolution in humanity and why there is no permanent improvement in any society.
Happiness is an Uncertainty
or The Futility of Mandating Positivity.  We illustrate how joy is like a fleeting quantum eigenstate, and that sadness is not the opposite but a more deterministic state.
Black Holes
Our homely take on the universe's most romanticized phenomenon.  Applying only "Sci", we leave out the "fi" while exposing the heart of these pedestrian objects.
Can we find new insight in ancient stories?
An exercise in multidisciplinary contextualized analysis, we combine ancient context with modern knowledge to put new eyes on an old tale.
Sherlock Holmes ‘vs’ The Scientific Method:
The Case-Book of Mutual Exclusivity

Genuinely Green

Shaving financial costs.  Trimming environmental impact.
Solar Roof
Get on top of the energy future, and look sharp doing it!
Make Green by Being Green
Get a cut of the savings with a completely free service!

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